Jan 31, 1863 Mariposa Free Press

Courts Of Mariposa County

District Court- Hon. E. BURKE, Judge. Angevine REYNOLDS, Clerk
Regular Terms commence on the third Monday of March, July and November.

Court of Sessions- Hon. J. BURCKHALTER, Presiding Judge. Charles BRUCE
and H. H. HOLTON, Associate Justices. Angevine REYNOLDS, Clerk.
Regular terms on the first Monday of February, April, June, August,
October and December.

County Court- Hon. J. BURCKHALTER, Judge, Angevine REYNOLDS, Clerk.
Regular terms on the First Monday of January, March, May, July, September
and November.

Probate Court- Hon. J. BURCKHALTER, Judge. Angevine REYNOLDS, Clerk.
Regular terms on the forth Monday of each Month.

Board of Supervisors
Alex McELROY, John W. THOMAS and John M. HENDRICKS. Angevine REYNOLDS, Clerk.
Regular terms on the first Mondays of February, May, August and November.

County Officers

County Judge --J. BURCKHALTER

Sheriff --J. D. CRIPPEN

County Clerk-- Angevine REYNOLDS

District Attorney --Alex. DEERING

Recorder-- R. S. MILLER

Treasurer--J. B. CONDON

County Surveyor- Jarvis KIEL

Assessor-- Geo. W. CORNELL

Supt. Public Instruction --Jas. R. McCREADY

Public Administrator-- J. W. TORNEY

Coroner --W. S. KAVANAUGH

Township Officers,

Mariposa Township
Justices of the Peace- James McVICAR, Chas. BRUCE
Constables – A. C. KELLY,  M. HAGERTY

Bear Valley Township
Justice of the Peace- J. H. MILLER, J. S. BATES
Constables- W. H. AMES,  Samuel C. BATES

Hornitos Township.
Justice of the Peace- H. H. HOLTON, J. Y. JONES
Constables- R. W. BARCROFT, Thomas WEST

Coulterville Township.
Justices of the Peace- George COUNTS, N. B. HUBBELL
Constables- Robert McKENZIE, Daneil FIELD

Road Masters

Mariposa Road District-- Jas. H. PETIT.
Bear Valley Road District ---J. C. JENKINS
Hornitos Road District --H. STEGMAN
Lower Mariposa Road District-- Jacob LEWIS
Cathey’s Valley Road District-- W. McCANN
Coulterville Road District --Daniel M. FIELD
Indian Gulch Road District-- George D. HICKS
Whskey Flat Road District --John MORSE

submitted by William Disbro



May 2, 2002