Barbara Wenger Mc Cauley and James Mc Cauley
from the collection of Dan Porath

From the WENGER Family Album

McCAULEY/WINGER (sic)  marriage November 29, 1879 Mariposa Gazette

     Editor Gazette.- Yo Semite Valley Nov. 22, 1879. In viewing the issues of the 8th and 15th of your paper, I noticed quite a flutter in the young people of your section, who thought they were oh! So lonesome living alone, and took to themselves husbands and wives, to remain as one through the remainder of their lives, even unto death, through good and evil report. But, while your section has been fortunate as to have such happiness; we in our secluded spot have been equally so. In the advent of two hearts which now beat as one, which in other than the marriage of Mr. James McCAULEY to Miss Barbera WINGER, a twin sister of our Fritz, on the Coulterville Road, and niece of Dan HOELTZEL, ( more thoroughly known as Dutch Dan.) The ceremony took place at the residence of Mr. HOELTZEL, and was performed by our own honored citizen Judge MORRIS, at 8 o'clock on Tuesday evening Nov. 8th. The first the people of  Yo Semite knew of it was by the arrival of a carriage driven by Frank KENNY, which had the happy couple aboard, they drove to Leidigs hotel where Mrs. LEIDIG soon made them feel at home. Notwithstanding the blushing bride insisting on her not going to any trouble on their account; but Mrs. LEIDIG were of the same opinion that the other folks were in the valley, that a little trouble was of no earthly consequence, (oh no not at all) so at a early hour guest began to assemble around the house, some with tin pans, horns and old coal oil cans, and from the number of coal oil cans one would of thought an oil well had been struck in the valley, and all were bent on having their share of the spoils, but in a few moments after all such thoughts were dispelled by the most terrific noise one has ever been accustomed to hear, Mrs. LEIDIG thought the stove had fallen and the house was on fire, and Fred rushed with frantic haste to the parlor with McCAULEY in the rear, seeing nothing there to cause suspicion Fred said it must be another house, so rushing out the door and across the yard- entered not unto the house but unto the arms of a well gotten up Charivari party headed by Alick EARLY, the gentlemanly stage driver who sang out 'sold again bring him out.' But Jim being already brought out crawled towards the parlor and said come in boys you will catch cold out here, and take something to warm you up, and in a shorter space of time than it takes to tell it all hands were gathered around a bountiful filled table with phials on it marked champagne, bourbon whiskey and soon two hours were whiled away to the pleasure and satisfaction of all present.